Cycling was introduced as a Paralympic sport in Seoul in 1988 and is now practised in more than 40 countries. 

Depending on disability classification, riders use a bicycle, tricycle, tandem or handcycle. Para-cycling competitions include road and track events for both men and women, with cyclists grouped together according to disability classification. The main world Para-cycling events include the Paralympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and World Cups. Within Australia, the National Championships and National Handcycle Series (NHS) are the major Para-cycling events.

In 2013, with the assistance of the Cycling SA Para Cycling Coordinator, Kimberley Conte, Cycling SA added Para Cyclist classifications to its State Titles for the first time.

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Provides education, information and resources for individuals and organisations to ensure that sport is safe and free from discrimination and harassment.

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AustCycle is the national leader in providing cycle training to people of all ages and skill levels throughout the Australian community.

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