Registered Clothing - Riders

Registered Clothing is up for renewal

If you are a company/business and want to register riders to wear your kit for 2016;

Those businesses that have registered ten or more riders will have their jersey displayed.

Riders (U17's up) who are registered with a company/business are able to wear that company/business' clothing in our Open/ Category-1 and State Championship events (for State Championships only U19's up are allowed to wear it).

Riders who are registered in a National Road Series (NRS) or UCI Registered Continental Team or states' sports institute are able to wear their team clothing in our State Championships(except Juniors) and Open/Category-1 events without further cost or registration..

All other competitors must ride wearing their own club's clothing or plain (non-branded) clothing.This includes all jersey, knicks & skinsuits.

Cycling SA will be reviewing entry lists and photos taken at Open/Category-1 and Championship events in order to ensure riders are wearing the correct kit. Cycling SA will be enforcing warnings and fines to riders who wear un-registered kit as per the Cycling SA Technical Regulations.  

2016 Riders with Registered Kit (21/06/2016)

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