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entry rules & gradings



Riders will enter CSASS as individuals. Options include either single or group entries via the online registration. For team time trials, Cycling South Australia will need to receive a list of school teams. Riders are welcome to form composite teams. You can purchase the CSA licence via the yellow button below. Please read Entry Policy beforehand.


Entries to the 2016 series are now open!




Series pass $80 – entry into all of the series.

Each event $15 – entry into one event.




All riders must have a Cycling Australia Gold (Racing) Membership to compete in the CSASS

Riders who do not have a current cycling membership may purchase a 'CSA Schools Series' licence for the duration of the series. Please note that:

  • The membership will expire once this current series ends, whereupon riders will be able to upgrade to a club membership for a varying fee dependent on the exact age group.
  • Entry to the CSASS events is separate from the CSASS membership
  • Membership includes 24/7 insurance during racing and training




CSASS membership holders can complete an upgrade form to upgrade to the club of their choice.




School year in 2016


Age turning in 2016


SAICS Age Group


Grade 5




Grade 6




Year 7




Year 8




Year 9




Year 10




Year 11




Year 12*





Junior Male A / B / C

Junior Female A / B / C

Senior Male A / B / C

Senior Female A / B / C

**Number of grades will be dependent on entry number**



The aim of grading is to allow all riders to compete in a race which suits their experience and ability, whilst maintaining the safety of all competitors. CSASS is graded based on ability, not on age. Male and female grading will be offered. Initial grading will be determined by:

1.      Training performance/ability assessed by a teacher and/or coach

2.      Performance in the first ITT

3.      Previous experience and results in other races (if applicable)

It is the responsibility of each rider to enter into the correct grade, not the person at the entry desk to catch them out. If a race official is made aware that a rider has entered into a lower grade, and this is confirmed, then any series points would be forfeited. The race handicapper reserves the right to change the grade of a rider at any time without notice, should this be necessary. Riders cannot self-relegate or promote themselves.

For the first ITT riders will be split into four groups – male junior and senior, female junior and senior.

For the second race and subsequent individual races, riders will be allocated to an appropriate senior or junior grade as shown in the illustration below. It’s anticipated there will be a total of six grades for male riders and up to four grades for female riders depending on the total number of entries.

Team time trials

The TTT events will not be graded but will be conducted in four groups – male junior and senior, female junior and senior. Junior riders can ride up in a senior team but senior riders cannot ride down in a junior team. Riders will be able to form composite time trial teams if a school is unable to field a team of three or four riders, with a team name chosen from one of the schools (team names cannot be a club name).


Teams must be submitted to by midnight Wednesday before the TTT event.



Regulations surrounding the suitability of equipment will be in accordance with current Cycling Australia technical regulations* with the following exceptions/clarifications:

- Roll-out distances (junior gear restrictions) are enforced at CSASS events for those with road bikes

- Only Cycling Australia approved standard road bicycles for all events [no TT specific bicycles for either ITT or TTT events]

TT clip on bars will be not permitted for ITT and TTT events       

- No carbon wheels will be accepted.

All helmets must be Australian standards compliant [for more information on helmet standards please visit:

Please see Cycling Australia Technical Regulations for Road and Track:



Under the Cycling Australia Technical Regulations, junior riders adhere to a maximum gear size during racing events. All riders with road bikes participating in the Cycling South Australia Schools series will need to follow the recommended ratios:

JR13 - 5.5M

JR15 - 6.0M

JR17 - 7.0M

JR19 - 7.930M


PLEASE NOTE: Any other CSA or club race events that you enter will have junior roll out restrictions and these must be adhered to.


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