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points system introduction


Cycling South Australia is moving towards a points based handicapping system for all graded road and criterium racing. 

There are many reasons for this direction and these include:

    - To make grading more transparent

    - To reduce the burden on the state handicapper

    - To encourage people to race more regularly

    - To make a grade something which is earned, not given, and hence turn it into something to be proud of


Q. So how do the points work?

Points are awarded based on placings in racing, with different types of races earning more points than others. 

Each grade has a slightly different point structure. You can access the Point System Here.

To move up a grade, a rider must achieve a minimum number of points - riders can move up at any point in the season. 

Each rider must earn enough points each year to maintain their grade otherwise they will be moved down. The year is taken to be 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. This allows the summer criterium season to be uninterrupted by downgrades.


Q. How many Points do I need?

Have a look at the following table!




















Q. What grade have you been assigned?

Each rider has been assigned a grade to start with based off the grading’s of the state handicapper. 

Please look at the grade you have been assigned here. 

If you feel there has been a mistake please send an email to with an explanation of why you believe you have been placed in the wrong grade. Some riders may also have been missed so if this was you, could you please take a similar action.


Q. Is this system finalised?

No. The 2016/2017 grading year will be used as a test year and there will be adjustments made during the year in an effort to fix any teething issues and to make the system as fair as possible.


Q. What will happen to handicapped races?

These will still be graded and handicapped manually.


Q. I haven’t raced before, where will I start?

This will be dependent on your cycling history and will be treated on a case by case basis. It is your responsibility to contact the handicapping committee


Q. I come from interstate, what grade will i be in?

The majority of riders will race in their interstate grade. There may be some adjustment based on the strength of the relevant state. Please contact the handicapping committee should you have any queries


Q. What happens with women’s only and junior’s racing?

These grading systems will not be changed at this stage.


Q. What if results aren’t given?

For races where full results aren’t provided, then the available results will be used.


Q. Will I know how I’m going?

An updated points list will be uploaded every month, and you will be informed when you move up a grade.


Q. What happens if there aren’t enough riders in my grade at a race?

If this occurs then the grades will be amalgamated for that day, but you will only accrue points based off people also in your grade. 





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